Close corporation ZAO OKB RITM designs medical devices and complexes. It has its own manufacture and sale of the production. This activity is permitted by the license 0003836.

Our organization has been existing for 30 years. In 1980, Special Design Office of medical informational - diagnostic systems has been established by Taganrog State University of Radioengineering. Since 1983, our organization has been known as a public enterprise Special Design Office RITM. Then, the legal status has changed. Now, it is a private company - Close Corporation OKB RITM and numbers more than 40 stockholders, and most of them are the OKB employees.

The legal status change influenced the scientific, technical and production interests of the company marginally.

We have the same aim for 30 years the production of medical devices and complexes whose scientific-methodical aspects and technical characteristics are in compliance with the world standards.

The SCENAR series devices, Rista-Epd diagnostic complexes, stabiloanalysers or stabilographic complexes and other equipment we produce are successfully applied by doctors of almost all licensed specialties thanks to the developed method-based software.

The high effectiveness when treating a wide spectrum of diseases and functional disorders makes for the rise of their popularity in Russia and abroad, especially this of the SCENAR series devices. The questions about history and development of the Scenar-therapy method connected with 30-year history of ZAO OKB RITM itself emerge among our users.


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