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December 7, 2004
The 14th International Exhibition Health Care 2004 in which ZAO OKB Ritm participated has been held since November 11 till December 03, 2004, in Krasnay Presnya, Moscow.
November 20, 2004
Utility patents for a number of add-on probes are obtained.
November 10 , 2004
Since November 5 till November 6, 2004 the 10th (31th) traditional interregional conference on SCENAR-therapy has been held in Ekaterinburg.
November 9, 2004
Training seminar on AUTOSCENAR application will take place in Kiev on November 13 and November 14, 2004.
October 26, 2004
A scientific practical conference will be held on October 28, 2004 within the framework of the assembly of the managing staff of the Southern State Defense and Emergency Regional Center medical service.
October 20, 2004
The certificates for all the output products have been obtained by the results of inspection and certification tests.
October 12, 2004
A new book SCENAR-therapy by A. Revenko has been published.
October 11, 2004
Since 5 till 10 November, 2004 Ural SCENAR-club, OOO U. Gorfinkel Medical Center of SCENAR-therapy and ZAO OKB RITM will be holding the 31st traditional interregional conference on SCENAR-therapy in Ekaterinburg. The subject of the conference is Ekaterinburg is the capital of world SCENAR-technology.
September 27, 2004
Since September, 17 till September, 23, 2004 10th (30th) anniversary interregional scientific-practical conference combined with 11th international conference organized by the New Medical Equipment Committee, ZAO OKB RITM, Taganrog, and Odessa Medical Systematic Centre SCENAR-Ukraine has been held. 153 participants from 42 cities and towns of 6 different countries, including 2 Doctors and 8 Candidates of Medical Science, took part in it.
September 23, 2004
Changes in the RISTA-EPDm computer program have been made (Version 3.2 beta).
September 17, 2004
Since 7 till 10 September, 2004 an international subject symposium "SCENAR-therapy of locomotor apparatus diseases" was held in Bulgaria. More than 60 representatives from Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine, Canada, Ireland, England etc. took part in it.
August 25, 2004
A mini-research Influence of multiple measurements on Nakatani indices has been carried out. You can find the obtained results here
August 20, 2004
A pilot edition of Methodical recommendations on RISTA-EPDm and RISTA-MINI application has been issued.



The SCENAR devices are used as principal or subsidiary means for prophylaxis and treatment of wide spectrum of diseases, any sort of functional disorders and also for rendering first aid in different urgent situations.

Computer stabiloanalizator with biological reverse contact "Stabilan-01" is a complex of software-hardware means on the basis of computer stabilography. Using "Stabilan-01" you can registrate, process and analyse the transference trajectory of the center of pressure made by man on the plane of bearing.

"RISTA-EPD" is the hardware-software reflex-diagnostic complex. The original method of system multilevel diagnosis by parameters of skin in biologically-active points is in the basis. Complex is intended for diagnostic support of treatment and rehabilitation measures using Skenar devices and other methods of zone transdermic therapy.

RITM-ULM is healing compound device for complex therapy of wide spectrum of diseases, for regulation of psycho-emotional disorders, improvement of sleep, rise of steadiness for stress influences.


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