Materials of 16th International Scientific and Practical Conference on SCENAR Therapy and SCENAR Expertise

Bulgaria, 4-10 September 2010

30th anniversary
A.V.Tarakanov, Ja.Z.Grinberg
SCENAR Research Institute RITM OKB ZAO
Records of Performance 2009 -2010

A.U. Molchanov, A.J. Cherchago
On physiological mechanism of SCENAR-therapy

R.Kuzmova, E.Khatisova, T.Forostyan, I.Yakushev, A.V.Tarakanov
Painful neck in vertebral osteochondrosis.
Treatment from Emergency till SCENAR-center

Using electric pulse therapy in the early postoperative period after surgery for tuboperitoneal infertility
L.V.Klimova, A.V. Tarakanov, A.J. Cherchago
SCENAR-therapy as a universal method for managing oxidative stress
A.A. Tarakanov, E.L. Kreneva, V.V. Prosyanok
Healing Cap, clinical results and action mechanisms
YU.I. Perfiliev, I.P. Shourygina, Yu.Yu.Starovoitov, M.K. Shourygina
SCENAR-therapy of myopia in school children
L.V. Borovkova, A.A. Artifeksova, S.O. Kolobova
Influence of SCENAR-therapy on the pregnancy course, labor, state of a neonate and a first-year child in women with miscarriage of infectious genesis
L.V. Borovkova, V.F.Rassokhin, .G. Shcherbatyuk, S.. Kolobova
SCENAR-therapy influence on the total antioxidant and free radical activity of the blood at pregnancy noncarrying of infectious genesis
V.V. Vnukov, N.P. Milyutina, .. Ananyan, Ya.Z. Grinberg, .. Danilov, .V.Ovsyannikov, L.F. Panchenko
SCENAR-therapy influence on the neurotransmitter systems state and oxidative stress indexes at opium addiction
Nina Horunzhaya
Medical case of long-term remission in patient with Lyme disease and Guillain-Barret syndrome after SCENAR-therapy
Boris Golembo
SCENAR application in osteopathic clinical practice