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4-10 September 2010
16th International scientific and practical conference of
SCENAR therapy and SCENAR expertise

16th International Conference on SCENAR-therapy and SCENAR-expertise was held in Sunny Day resort, Bulgaria, on September 4-10. The conference was dedicated to the 30th anniversary of RITM OKB ZAO and 10th anniversary of our Bulgarian branch office - SCENAR-Bulgaria.
More than 170 participants from 24 countries and 4 continents took part in the conference, making it the greatest international SCENAR-conference ever held.

Ognyan Landov, as a hospitable host, opened the conference with the welcoming speech and received congratulations and presents from his colleagues in honor of 10th anniversary of SCENAR-Bulgaria. Unfortunately, our friends and colleagues from Korea could not come to the conference, but they have sent natural flowers. That was a very nice and pleasant surprise for everyone.
Jakov Grinberg, director general of RITM OKB ZAO, presented a report with a retrospective journey into the history of company development, summed up some results of its activity and outlined directions for future development. The team of OKB RITM also presented gifts and souvenirs for its colleagues and partners.
5, 6 and 7 September were the days of busy scientific work. Alexander Tarakanov, deputy director on clinical studies, head of the SCENAR-therapy institute, professor, MD, started the scientific session. He reported on records of performance of SCENAR Research Institute, presented aims and objectives for further development. All in all, the participants of the conference listened to 17 reports and presentations on various practical and theoretical aspects. During coffee- and lunch-breaks people could visit the exhibition, where they could see and try new developments of OKB RITM.

Educational session of the conference included seminars and trainings on basic sections of SCENAR-therapy.
On the seminars Alexander Revenko and Vladimir Zryatchikov demonstrated how dynamic electrodes can be used in SCENAR-therapy. Michael Unakafov showed new software for SCENAR-NT devices, he made greater emphasis on additional informational modulations. He also presented an upgraded device developed by OKB RITM – INTENS (system for improving stress resistibility).
Trainings on main aspects of SCENAR-therapy were conducted by Alexander Revenko, Galina Soubbotina, Joseph Semikatov and Alexander Tarakanov. Training on basic principles of diagnostic support for SCENAR-therapy was conducted by Alexander Cherchago. More than 100 people attended the trainings.
People that took part in the conference made special mention of high professional competence of interpreters – employees of RITM OKB – Ekaterina Leontieva and Nadezda Sumina. They provided effective communication and training of the participants.

Our special gratitude to Ognyan Landov and his team. They have organized the conference, as well as prepared comfortable conditions for all the participants and provided them with perfect illustrative materials.
All participants also received well-designed posters with notes on basic principles of SCENAR-therapy.



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