Traditional, 31-th inter - region SCENAR - conference
  What Is SCENAR ?  
  Theoretical and practical basis for the increase
of the effectiveness of SCENAR THERAPY
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31-th inter - region
SCENAR - conference
    5 -10 November 2004 Ekaterinburg, Russia
"Ekaterinburg - a capital of world SKENAR - technologies"


The Dear colleagues and friends! On behalf of Ural SCENAR-club, "MC SCENAR him. Y. GORFINKEL" and OCB "RHYTHM" has a pleasure to invite You to take part in Inter - regional conference on SCENAR - therapy.

Except traditional report and reports on result SCENAR - therapy, scientific study, new methods, we offer the training seminars all level the most high level beside the best teachers of the world (Revenko AN, Subbotina GV, Semikatov IV, Lopatko VI). We want to continue the undertaking the sectional meetings, allowing have direct and broad exchange by knowledges, experience and idea. For the first time - a special seminar "I am a representative SCENAR - centre " (spreading SCENAR - an instrument and blanket with undertaking the schools). We Invite all interested persons! We shall Teach, shall give the authorities!

Except this we want to discuss with You questions, problems and directions of developments and prospects international SCENAR-cooperation. We believe that only general effort SCENAR-internist of the whole world can successfully protect and raise popularity and prestige this beautiful medical method as independent and prestigious discipline in the field of alternative medicine.

We certain that your stay on Ural Land will solely be seminal and pleasing. We shall be lucky to meet you in November in Ekaterinburg.

Revenko A., progenitor SCENAR - technologies
Grinberg I., gen.direktor OKB "RHYTHM"
Subbotina G., director MC SCENAR to him.YU.GORFINKEL
Omeliyanenko Y., secretary Org. kommittee.


Ekaterinburg - third in size city to Russia. This largest industrial, cultural and scientific centre to Russia. Unique and original look Ekaterinburg with multiple monument, temple, museum. In museum of stone art You may visit the common-rooms - "Gold(en) storeroom", "Russian silver", "Malachite common-room" and others. The Literary quarter with Lodge M. SIBIRYAC, F. RESHETNIKOV, P. Bazhov, Chamber theatre and monument of A.PUSHKIN. In art museum You see the unique masterpiece cast-iron litho - Kaslinskiy pavilion. The Free evening You wait the multiple theatres - an Opera, Drama, Music. In our theatres emerged the world celebrities - S.LEMESHEV, I. KOZLOVSKIY, B. SHTOKOLOV, G VISHNEVSKAYA, I. ARHIPOVA.

Ekaterinburg - on card of the world - else and capital, "heart" dinamic developing SCENAR - movement. SCENAR-Conference will be conducted indoors Baby Music School. To -Dekabristovt Street, 49 ( transport's station "Decabristov street").


5 - 10 November 2004. A Weather at the beginning initially November in Ekaterinburg not cool, average temperature - from 0 to  -5  -10 degrees (C).


The Programm of the education will include all main steps of the education:

1. Beginning school 1-st step (the base notions and principles SCENAR - technologies,
             famous methods: 3 Lines - 6 Points, Ring, Wings, Collar, Christmas tree and others. )

2. Beginning school 2-nd step (digital methodses, SCENAR - philosophy)

3. School of increasing to qualifications with unique technicks of the energy correction,
             vaccinations, unique program of the pain - releif, cranio-technicks.

4. Master - Class of the founder SCENAR - technologies Revenko A.


The Scientific programm to Conferences will be in the manner of report and messages. No restrictions on subjects. Possible send most different interesting and important results from SCENAR-practical persons.

Instructions for preparing report

The Reports are necessary to send in Secretary of the Conference by e-mail or typescript on mail in the address of the Secretary. The Acknowledgement of the reception and cut-in in program will is sent by mail emerging author. Deadline of the parcel: September 30-th 2004.

Demonstration of presentations

Demonstration of presentation during Conference will Multy Media and traditional way by means of projector. The Multy Media presentations must be prepared by program MS Power Point and are brought on Conference on CD.

The Awards best report will are delivered on final evening.

Cultural program

All participant to Conference and accompanying persons each evening to Conference we invite on traditional evening and banquets. Will ACCORDING TO YOUR DESIRE is organized cultural program, excursions on city.


4 November 2004 (thursday)
        Registration - an Accomodation

5 November 2004 (friday)
        The Conference. Reports (10- 00 - 18 -00)
        Evening action: Supper among friends

6 November 2004 (saturday)
        The Conference. The Reports. Debates (10-00 - 20-00)
        Round table: "Development international SCENAR-cooperation"
        Evening action: Uralskie meat dumplings

Since 7 November 2004 (sunday) to 9 November 2004 (tuesday)
        In the morning (9-00 - 14-00)
        Beginning school 1-st step
        Increasing to qualifications school

After dinner (15-00 - 20-00)
        Beginning school 2 - nd steps
        Master - Class
        Evening actions: at will

10 November 2004 (wednesday)
         In the morning (9-00 - 14-00)
         Beginning school 1-st step
         Increasing to qualifications school

After dinner (15-00 - 18-00)
        Beginning school 2 -nd step
        Master - Class

19 - 00 - An Evening action: Final evening - a presenting diploma for participation and rewarding          messages and report.

Additional information:

The Registration donation - 15 Euro. The Registration donation for participant includes: Participation in Conference. All material to Conference on CD. Certificate about participation in Conferences. New passport of International educational SCENAR - program.

Reservation of hotel

The Hotels European level, close to SCENAR - centre, cost of the room from 40 to 60 Euro. Reservations in day is produced at payment of the deposit of the one-dayly cost of the room. Also possible residence in hotel of the more low class for more low price (from 20 Euro in day). The Order of the place of the residence on preliminary demand. Deadline for booking number in hotel all level - 5 October 2004.


The Registration donation, hotel deposit and cost of the education possible to pay on cash payment or directly on Conference at registrations.

Account :           407 028 108 000 4000 1206 in "CSB" of Ekaterinburg,
Corr. account : 301 018 105 0000 0000 766 BIC 046 568 766
OKPO 541 128 722 OKONH 91 514 KPP 667 201 001

On all questions in connection with Conference.

Possible apply to Secretary on telephone - (343) 224-37-80 and on E-mail : or look at WEB-site of MC SCENAR -

    Secretary to Conference

Russia, 620100 Ekaterinburg,
Michurin Street 239,
Tel / fax: (343) 224-37-80
2004 SCENAR-Center, Yekaterinburg, Russia.
(343) 355-37-48, 224-37-80;  E-mail: