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BioScenar certified in Australia


Our Australian partners have just finished the certification of BioSCENAR. Many experts consider this a sign which reads the new generation of SCENAR devices is coming, and also means a boost to the development of SCENAR therapy.
A new device has been designed and tested in close cooperation between leading "RITM" OKB ZAO engineers and doctors and specialists from Australia. The device has been developed with valuable contribution from Chris Mortensen and "NS Health Australia" staff, Elly Tomova and her colleagues from "RITM Australia", Vera Pein from "Harmony HealthWorks", Dr Jorg Prince and "RITM" OKB ZAO engineering team led by Mikhail Unakafov.
An essential difference between BioSCENAR and the previous generations of devices is that the body response determines not only the parameters of each stimulation impulse but also affects their batches and sequences. It became possible due to additional level of biofeedback. None of similar devices had actually delivered it before, in spite of numerous declarations. One can say the biofeedback between the SCENAR and the patient got tighter, causing the treatment to get more comfortable and effective.
The working frequency range of the new device is wider than ever and now the actual frequency can vary from 1 Hz to 500 Hz (compare to previous 15 Hz to 350 Hz in most popular models of SCENAR-NT (Scenar Pro)). The intensity has got as many as 40 gradations and adjustment possibilities for frequency modulation has also been extended.
It is the first time when the device has 24 factory treatment protocols presets (combination of parameters). This helps the practitioners to use the device saving their time on selection of the most appropriate protocols (modes).
Last but not least is to mention that BioSCENAR will be supplied with a new graphical colour display and clearer user interface.
Yet it is only possible to buy now the new device from "RITM Australia" Pty Ltd in Australia (ссылка на сайт), because in most countries the process of certification has not been finished.
Marketing staff of "RITM" OKB ZAO believes that BioSCENAR (recommended end-user price is USD 4,500) will become common in medical offices of all leading scenar specialists in Russia and over the world in the nearest future as the top model.



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