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Over 126 people have already registered for conference:

Russia - 35 participants, 6 accompanying people
Ukraine - 22 participants and 3 accompanying people
Bulgaria - 28 participants and 11 accompanying people
RSA - 1 participant
Netherlands - 5 participants
Austria - 3 participants
Great Britain - 2 participants
Italy - 4 participants
Switzerland - 1 participant
Israel - 1 participant
Australia - 1 participant
Turkey - 2 participants
Cyprus - 1 participant

Bulgarian SCENAR Center 27,
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September 2-8, 2006, OKB RITM ZAO and Bulgarian SCENAR-Center will be holding the 12th International Scientific-Practical Conference on SCENAR-Therapy in Bulgaria on a seacoast.

Organization committee:
    O.Landov - Chairman
    S. Moiseev

Scientific committee:
    A.N.Revenko - co-chairmen
    A.V.Tarakanov - co-chairmen

Conference Terms and Conditions

Conference program

Requirements for papers and abstracts

Organizers appeal

Dear friends,

We have the pleasure to announce that from 2 nd till 8 th September 2006 Bulgaria will host again the most significant SCENAR event of the year the 12 th International Scientific and Practical Conference of SCENAR-Therapy and SCENAR-Expertise.

Organizers of this most important forum of the international SCENAR society are the inventors and world leaders in the production of SCENAR devices, RITM OKB ZAO, Russia , the most prominent theoreticians of the SCENAR-technology from the International SCENAR Academy , Moscow , and the SCENAR Center, Bulgaria. 

The decision to hold the conference again in Bulgaria has been determined by the desire to get together experts from different countries to share their SCENAR experience and vision, as well as to provide the most appropriate environment for carrying out a high-level international meeting, combining the scientific work and exchange of experience with the pleasure of communicating with colleagues and relaxing with friends on the charming Bulgarian Black Sea coast. 

Many of you remember the 10 th international conference at Sunny Beach in 2003 so you know it was highly appraised by all participants. We'll do our best to arrange the 12 th conference even better to make it a useful experience for everyone.  

The conference will be providing:

  • Different types and levels of training, most of them free of charge
  • Free technical servicing and support of the SCENAR devices
  • Optional repair and upgrade at special prices
  • Free computer acupuncture diagnostics workshop (Rista and Rista-mini units)
  • Cosmetology workshop for the first time in Bulgaria
  • First round table discussions on subjects determined by the participants
  • Attendance Certificate for every participant , and documents of the International SCENAR Academy for those who join any training
  • Apart from all conference papers, a lot of additional papers with the latest news in the SCENAR theory and practice all covered by the registration fee

For the first time for many years, basic training will be conducted by Prof. A.N.Revenko, the founder of SCENAR-therapy. FREE for all conference participants!

In the course of the conference all participants will enjoy discounted prices for purchasing devices and literature.

Some of the best experts and SCENAR lecturers in the world have already confirmed their participation, including Alexander Revenko, Joseph Semikatov, Galina Subbotina, Alexander Tarakanov, to name but a few. You'll be able to communicate with world famous SCENAR-therapists from the East and West that have many years' experience and achieved outstanding results. You'll have a chance to share your experience and seek solutions to any problems in your work. You'll be able to meet personally with scientists, therapists, as well as designers and engineers the authors of this unique technology. You'll be able to raise the level of your skills and gain valuable experience as well as just enjoy your time there and have fun. 

The program included only the schedule of free schools and trainings. In addition, the following schools and trainings are to be held:

  1. Prof. Revenko, Some Points of SCENAR-Therapy (Advanced Training).
  2. Prof. A.V.Tarakanov, SCENAR for Therapeutic and Surgical Diseases.
  3. G.V.Soubbotina, SCENAR and Cosmetology.
  4. J.V.Semikatov, Working with difficult patients.

All participants, please inform us of the workshops and schools you are going to take, schools you would like to be held (apart from those listed above) as well as of your suggested subjects for round-table discussions. This will allow us to best plan the schedule of all schools and workshops, replace some of them or add new ones.

Each school will take 2 to 3 days. Prof. A.Revenkos schools cost 150, other schools - 100.
School and workshop subjects can be changed, if requested by participants.

We believe that your participation in the 12 th International Scientific and Practical Conference of SCENAR-Therapy and SCENAR-Expertise will help you to establish yourselves as SCENAR-therapists and will open new horizons for your development. We, the organizers, will do our best to provide all this at the most beneficial terms. Both the main professional and additional entertainment programs will be organised by the best experts. 

We expect to be able to provide even more benefits for you. We would encourage you to share your comments and suggestions, and voice your opinions and questions. We'll do our best to respond adequately.

Yakov Z. Grinberg Director General, RITM OKB ZAO.
Alexander N. Revenko Chairman, International SCENAR Academy
Ognian Landov Manager, SCENAR Center Bulgaria

99, Petrovskaya str.,
347900, Russia
Tel./Fax: +7863 4 623 179
medsc@ritm.infotecstt.r u

SCENAR Center Bulgaria
Plovdiv 4002,
27 , Luben Karavelov Blvd.
Tel . 00359 32 641001
Mobile +359 89 9886540

Those who wish to attend conferences in Bulgaria and Odessa can go by sea on the Krymskaya strela ("the Crimean Arrow") passenger catamaran (speed ferry boat), sea ferry route Odessa - Varna'.
One way ticket cost: 100.
Here is the catamaran schedule.

Translation at least into English will be provided.
People from the EC countries dont need visas to come to Bulgaria.


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