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When user moves mouse cursor over the maximal or minimal point on the "Result map" tab, popup hint is appeared. These points are colored red.

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RISTA-EPDm Versions History:

Version 3.1

  • A Step-by-step troubleshooting concering the device searching problem has been added.

Version 3.0

  • Inspection data base support has been added.
  • Records in the opened file now can be deleted. To do that right-click on the record's name and in the popup menu select an item "delete".
  • A number of other fine changes.
  • User's manual have been updated.

Version 2.6

  • A window intended for user notes has been added.
  • It is now possible to edit record name. To do this, right-click mouse button on the record name, which you want to change, and select an item "Rename" in the appeared menu. Now edit text and press Enter.
  • Some fine changes, connected with printing.

Version 2 . 5

  • It is now possible to print several records simulteneously.

Version 2 . 4

  • A number of fine changes.

Version 2 . 3

  • It is now possible to change size of program window.
  • It is now possible to set "always on top" mode for program window.
  • A number of other fine changes.

Version 2 . 2

  • Added help, which contains video-clips, depicting how to work with program
  • A number of fine improvements have been made.

Version 2 . 0

  • Inside the "Records" tab the "Disbalance" tab has been added.
  • The capability to compare several measurements on one schedule (button " Compare " on a "Records" bookmark) has been added.
  • During the installation of the program the .rst and .ris types of files are registered. It allows to open file by double clicking on it in the standard Windows shell.
  • The separate program "Meridian Printing" has been excluded from the complete set, but the tab "Meridian Printing" has been added.
  • In the right top corner of the program window its version is shown (current is Version 2.0).
  • The capability to switch languages of the program has been added (English / Russian / German).
  • When performing measuring through a computer, return to the previous point works correctly.
  • The opportunity to continue the unfinished measurement after transition to a "Records" tab has been added.
  • The opportunity of choosing the way of generating Nakatani conclusion has been added - either by the device itself or by computer program. This opportunity allows to receive the updated conclusion on out-of-date device versions.


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