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Prof. Revenko met Princess of Kent
in Moscow on 27, May 2007
in Balchug hotel.

Her Highness invited Prof. Alexander Revenko for a SCENAR device presentation. The Princess and her assistants heard the information about the device, the history of its creation, the philosophy and principles of work. Prof. Revenko made a presentation of the RISTA device.

The Princess is very much interested in the results and opportunity to use SCENAR for keeping up the present state of harmony and youth.

The Princess presented Alexander Revenko with her book with an autograph published in Russian.

Prof. Revenko also presented the Princess with 2 volumes of his books about SCENAR therapy with an autograph.

Who is Princess of Kent?

Prince Michael of Kent, the cousin of the queen of Great Britain, Elizabeth II, and his wife Marie-Christine are in Moscow.
Prince Michael and his wife are the patrons of the dozens of charity projects in Russia. The Princess initiated the International decoration week in Moscow organized by Mezzanine magazine.
She agreed to become a patroness of a new award, which will be given annually to the interior designers in Russia.
Princess of Kent is an author of a number of historical books and a series of lectures about womens role in the history of Europe.
She will give two lectures in Moscow, one of them is devoted to Katherine the Great and architecture of her epoch.
On 16, September 2006 Her Royal Highness Marie-Christine, Princess of Kent, gave a meeting in the Book Center in New Arbat Str. in Moscow.
The royal persons arrival was marked by publishing her new book Snake and Moon: two rivals and the king of Renaissance. The book tells the story of antagonism between Diana de Puatie and Katherine Medichi for winning the sympathy of Henry II.

According to the wife of Prince Michael of Kent (grandnephew of Nikolaj II), the book is based on the chronicles and documents.

His Royal Highness Prince Michael of Kent was born in July 1942 and is married to Marie-Christine, nee baroness von Reibnitz.
He is related to the Romanovs in the line of Olga Konstantinovna, the Grand Duchess (granddaughter of the emperor Nikolaj I). He is the grandnephew of Nikolaj II Romanov.



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