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If you are often in low spirits, irritated, worried, anxious, afraid of troubles and alarming news, sweat the small stuff, feel insecure, fear and lack of will and you are not going to put up with it, we can help you to learn to control your emotions and increase your stress resistibility.
The training is performed according to the patented method (the Patent 31717 and Patent 2251972) under the instructors guidance or on your own.

The biofeedback concept that underlies the method allows to take into account individual peculiarities and form a new stereotype of responding to any psychological factors without taking drugs. The course of training shall include 8-12 procedures, and each of them shall last for 20-30 minutes. After the course the emotional stability remans for years.
The method is effective not only in the treatment of anxiety-phobic syndrome (neurosis clinic, Saint-Petersburg) but also for healthy people (sportsmen, operators, drivers, etc.) who experience time deficiency, have to be extremely responsible and who are often in probable danger.

The emotional self-control that almost everyone learns using INTENS is an effective means for prophylaxis of psychosomatic diseases such as hypertension, ischemic heart disease, stomach and duodenal ulcers (peptic ulcers), gastritis, immunologic deficiency, glaucoma and many others. Two simulator versions have been designed: completely autonomous device or the PC-compatible reading and stimulation unit.

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