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MYOCOM Hardware-Software System for Measuring Muscle Electrical Activity
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The system is designed for long-term PC-based recording and subsequent processing of the electromyogram envelope curves in order to evaluate their time characteristics and amplitude curves.

The recorder can be applied in various medicine and sport fields that require long monitoring of muscle activity for diagnostics, rehabilitation and training.

Electromyography is the procedure of continuous recording of the electrical activity of muscles both active and at rest.
MYOCOM opens new scopes for investigating principles of skeletal muscles activity and the way their segmental and supraspinal structures are controlled. It also helps to solve different applied problems in sport.
This medical development refers to electromyographic methods of diagnosing motor disorders and can be used in neurology, orthopaedics, traumatology, neurosurgery and sport.
The device was tested in Medical Academy of Postgraduate Studies (SPbMAPS) at the Department of Prosthodontics. Test results show that MYCOM diagnostics is a valuable and useful method, which allows to get all the necessary information about patients optimal movement and coordination of muscles that take part in it.
MYOCOM is an easy-to-use complex, which is very effective in diagnosing reasons that cause and factors that compensate dynamic disorders. It may also aid in diagnosing patients with chronic muscular pain syndrome.

Two versions of Myokom hardware-software complex may be provided:

  • Version 1 with 4 channels of electromyogram recording
  • Version 2 with 8 channels of electromyogram recording


  • Recording channels - 4-8.
  • Maximum input voltage 2 mV
  • Input frequency range (3 dB level) 20-500 Hz
  • Level of inner input noise not above 0.3 µV of effective value
  • The device provides generation of electromyogram envelope curves in each channel
  • Averaging time of electromyogram envelope curves 10 ms
  • Sample rate in each channel 200 Hz
  • Resolution of AD conversion 16
  • Device can be charged using USB port
  • STABMED2 software program enables monitoring, recording and processing signals of electromyogram envelope curves

PC is required to use Myokom hardware-software complex.

PC Requirements:

  • Processor AMD Sempron/Athlon/Phenom or Intel Celeron/Pentium/Core with the frequency of not less than 2200GHz;
  • Operative memory of not less than 1024 Mb;
  • Hard disk of not less than 120 Gb;
  • Sound card applying the standard codec AC-97;
  • Videocard recommended from NVidia GeForce series (series 7, 8, 9 or more);
  • USB port;
  • Recording DVD driver
  • Operating system Windows XP SP1, SP2, Windows Vista, Windows 7;
  • Laser printer;
  • Monitor.

PC for Myokom complex shall be purchased by the Customer in accordance with the hardware-software requirements or delivered by ZAO OKB RITM at market prices under a particular item of the supply agreement.

Registration Certificate No. 2011/10290 dated March 05, 2011

Conformance Certificate No. RU.28.00156 dated April 25,2011



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