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STABILAN-3D The complex is designed for recording, time-tracking, qualitative evaluation, analyzing and simulating human locomotor structures in 3D space simultaneously with the position of center of gravity

SiloKoM-01 portable system for measuring force and moments was designed by the order of the Ministry of Sports, Tourism and Youth Policy of the Russian Federation. The system is intended for immediate control and gradual development and improvement of speed-and-force and force condition of top-level sportsmen based on measuring isometric force moments in ankle, knee and elbow joints. The system also enables evaluating electric activity of muscles using active electrodes.

Hardware and software system for analyzing and correcting powerlifting training techniques using biomechanical and electromyographic parameters. Hardware and software system is intended for recording and analyzing muscle electrical activity, dynamic and kinematic parameters of sportsman movements for training and perfection of bench pressing techniques.


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The hardware-software reflexodiagnostic complex Rista-EPD is intended for picking up and estimating of electro conductivity of the biologically active points (BAP) according to the auricular diagnostics, Nakatani and R. Volls methods


The values are recorded and processed according to the method stated in the international application PCT / RU99 / 00456 Method of systemic diagnostics of the condition of a patients organism based on the characteristics of biologically active points and device thereof and the Patent of the Russian Federation for the invention 2211660 The device for diagnosing a patients state using biologically active point characteristics

Besides the common functions specific for most types of electro-diagnostics devices, the complex carries out a specialized data processing, which allows:

  • to detect any disordered organs and systems, which regulate the vital body functions from the side of ANS and also estimate a functional state of human body
  • to receive recommendations at the choice of meridians for acupuncture treatment
  • to create the optimal treatment scheme of skin zones of patient by means of neuroadaptiv electrostimulation, massage or other methods of transdermal therapeutic influence
  • to calculated the main parameters of the cardiovascular system by measuring pulse and pressure in order to assess its initial state and response to therapy (pulse and blood pressure are measured by conventional methods, and entered into the program manually)

Data of hemodynamic state estimation can be presented also as a graphic:


Specialized data processing and research process control is made by an integrated expert system. The expert system estimates a functional state of VNS and also localizes treatment zones on the basis of ryodoraku map analyses and independent estimation data received with support of Voll technique or according to pulse and blood pressure data. If there will be a lack of reflexogenic zone responsiveness, an expert system can recommend to carry out an examination with support of auricular technique and to localize treatment zones according to the received data.

The result of examination is given as a conclusion and a scheme of treatment zones for neuroadaptiv electrostimulation.

To make an additional statistical data analysis, the examination data can be converted into Excel format. To share experience and to make consultations by sending the results of individual tests via email, there is a program function, which allows user to import/export data in XML format.
The program software of the complex can be adapted to users level of training. There is an option that allows you to add or to limit the list of available program functions depending on users experience or level of training.


Rista-EPD complex is successfully used for estimation of initial state of patients, dynamic control and localization of treatment zones for neuro-adaptive electrostimlilation treatment. There is an English version of software for Rista-EPD complex. Rista-EPD complex is successfully used, not only in Russia, but it is also used by health care professionals of integrative medicine in USA, Germany, Australia, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Malaysia, Ukraine, Kazakstan and other countries.
We have compiled a positive experience in top level sports. The complex is successfully used to control the initial state and response of autonomic nervous system (ANS) and cardiovascular system (CVS) to training loads. It is also used for getting therapeutic indications and localization of skin treatment zones for non-pharmacological correction of sportsman state during training for important competition. The effect of the complex can double increase the possibility of sportsmen to achieve the best result, expected by his coach before a competition.
In a private medical practice, the Rista-EPD complex combined with neuro-adaptive electrostimlilation, and with other types of traditional and non-traditional therapy, will provide a reliable and effective work of doctors consulting room, where a patient can receive a complete complex of diagnostic support of treatment and rehabilitation: diagnostics-treatment-monitoring- medical prognosis
A complete delivery set of the Rista-EPD complex includes a method-based software recorded on CD and an input-output unit with a set of connecting cables and electrodes.
The Rista-EPD complex operates together with PCs of standard configuration or together with Note Book computer with similar characteristics.
A computer and a Printer are not included as the components of a complete delivery set. They can be purchased by a customer independently or by ZAO OKBRITM at market prices.

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