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Stabilan-01-2 computer stabiloanalyzer with biofeedback
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The complex of hardware and software-methodical means based on the computer stabilography for diagnosing any dysfunctions of human body equilibrium, any pathology of locomotor apparatus, for rehabilitation of motor-coordination disorders, occupational selection, and also pre-route and post-route check in transport-related occupations.

  • to provide psychophysiological support in all transport-related and energy companies to perform operational evaluation of psychophysiological state of a person during the pre-route and pre-flight check;
  • to evaluate the pre-shift readiness of the persons whose occupation is related with the exclusive standards applied to the human factor, for example, this one of Special Purpose Police Unit and Emergencies Ministry combatants, transport traffic controllers, operators of nuclear facilities and etc.;
  • to perform the psychology tests including analysis of lateral asymmetry of the testees brain, determination of a psychological type and etc.;
  • to examine working capacity, professional orientation, occupational selection, and professional suitability in sports, industry and military;
  • to perform the psychophysiologic investigations in ecology when the computer stabilography may increase the efficient response and objectivity of the control of any adverse environment factors effecting the human health;
  • to provide diagnostics and rehabilitation of motor and equilibrium functions in neurology, otorhinolaryngology, orthodontia and manual therapy, in prosthetic dentistry;
  • to select medicines to increase treatment rates, and also to evaluate treatment dynamics including any health resort treatment;
  • in various sport types to perform scientific researches, operational check of sportsman functional state, and to evaluate statodynamic stability while training, special training to develop the equilibrium functions;
  • to perform the operational check of health state of school and vocational-technical schools pupils, students of higher education establishments to detect deviations in advance and accept timely health measures;
  • to select corrective sockliners, prosthetic devices and support aids in orthopedy;
  • to correct speech disorders in logopedia;
  • to perform fundamental researches in physiology, psychology and biomechanics.

The stabilography development in ZAO OKB RITM allowed to make large creative relations and has a rich history.

Registration Certificate No. 2010/08958 dated October 07, 2010

Conformance Certificate No. RU. 28.00465 dated October 31, 2011



STABILAN 01-2 is a modern, innovative diagnostic complex based on a computer stabilography.

STABILAN 01-2 Trainer is a new medical technology intended to support and improve the movement coordination skills.
STABILAN 01-3 Force-moment armchair is intended to record, process and analyze mechanograms of forces and force moments appeared in a person sitting in order to provide comfortable monitoring of the operators functional state while performing its professional activities and also to detect motor-coordination disorders.
STABILAN-3D complex is designed for recording, time-tracking, qualitative assessment, analyzing and simulating human marked locomotor structures in 3D space simultaneously with the center-of-gravity position.
SILOKOM portable system is intended to provide immediate control and improvement of speed-and-force and force condition of top-level sportsmen.
MYOCOM is designed for long-term PC-based recording and subsequent processing of the electromyogram envelope curves in order to evaluate their time characteristics.
STABILAN Hardware and Software Complex for Powerlifting is a hardware-software complex for recording and analysis of dynamic and kinematic parameters of sportsmen moving, and also the electrical activity of muscles aimed to form and improve the bench-press method and control if an exercising.


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