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STABILAN-3D The complex is designed for recording, time-tracking, qualitative evaluation, analyzing and simulating human locomotor structures in 3D space simultaneously with the position of center of gravity

SiloKoM-01 portable system for measuring force and moments was designed by the order of the Ministry of Sports, Tourism and Youth Policy of the Russian Federation. The system is intended for immediate control and gradual development and improvement of speed-and-force and force condition of top-level sportsmen based on measuring isometric force moments in ankle, knee and elbow joints. The system also enables evaluating electric activity of muscles using active electrodes.

Hardware and software system for analyzing and correcting powerlifting training techniques using biomechanical and electromyographic parameters. Hardware and software system is intended for recording and analyzing muscle electrical activity, dynamic and kinematic parameters of sportsman movements for training and perfection of bench pressing techniques.



Our colleague Milena Lipkova(Slovakia, reports on treatment results.
A 38-year-old woman underwent superior eyelids neoplasty on February 27, 2007.
On the second day (28.02.07) we conducted therapy 3 times.
Small edemas had appeared by the evening.
01.03.07 - the third day, complete compensation by the evening.
05.03.07 - the sixth day after the surgery. Sutures were not removed, but the sore healed over and there were no edemas and bruises.
The cosmetic surgeon couldnt understand how it was possible. He was extremely surprised and he invited the author to demonstrate therapy on his patients to make sure of reliability of the result. After a 30-minute demonstration (edemas was removed) the doctors and the patients reaction was like WHAT A MIRACLE! Demonstration resulted in inviting Milena Lipkova to cooperate with Institute of Plastic Surgery in Prague and Bratislava.

27.02 - 2 hours after the surgery 28.02 - the second day after the surgery
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28.02 - the second day after the surgery 01.03 - the third day after the surgery
05.03 - the sixth day after the surgery
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