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Issue 3 - 1997


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V.Zilov, Kl.Kudaeva
Methods of traditional medicine from position of functional systems theory
Garkavi L., Kvakina E., Marjanovskaya G., Barsukova L., Ostapkevitch O., Korobeynikova E., Zhukova G.
Several biophysical approaches to mechanism of SCENAR device action
Grinberg Y.
Grounds of SCENAR-therapy effectiveness
Lyashedko P.
New approaches to prophylaxis and treatment of erosive-ulcerous affections of stomach and duodenum as consequences of severe wounds and traumas
Zaindiner B., Madorsky V.
SCENAR-therapy in Hospice
Milkevich Z.
SCENAR in oncological practice
Subbotina G.
2-years catamnesis of SCENAR therapy
17 kb
Umyarov V.
The results of sanitary center of SCENAR-therapy and SCENAR-expertise work
Chufarova T.
Application of SCENAR - device in midwifery
8 kb
Urban V.
SCENAR-therapy in urology
Feigina I.
The summing up of SCENAR-therapy for 18 months
Noskova L.
Thyroid gland treatment
9 kb
Moiseev S.V.
SCENAR-technology application in sports medicine
Minenko I.
Combination of hirudotherapy and SCENAR-therapy for treatment of different diseases
Trishin V.
The results of SCENAR 035-3 application during the treatment of motor ship John F. cockpit personnel
SCENAR-therapy in treatment of infectious mononucleosis
Polonskaya G.
Lipidic interchange correction at combined usage of SCENAR device and preparation (medication) Forma on the basis of fucus
Cherchago A.
RISTA EPD Application for localization of treatment zones on skin surface at SCENAR-therapy
Leonov A.V.
Rehabilitation of vegetovascular disorders of children and adults with the help of OLM-1 and reflex-diagnostic complex RISTA - EPD
Denisova T.
Computer diagnostics in SCENAR-therapy
Baikov D.
Synergism interactions and SCENAR-therapy
Nasonova G., Spirina L.
The experience of the devices of SCENAR class in the practice of the therapeutist and physiotherapeutist
Kalipanova I.
Some cases from practice
7 kb
Kostina S.
Some results of the work
Trishina L.
SCENAR home doctor
Chernikova L., Kashina E., Sliva S., Kondratiev I.
Clinical estimation of balance-biotraining of the patients with postinsult hemiparesis


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