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Issue 4 - 1998


Introduction   Download
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Grinberg Y.
Effectiveness of SCENAR-therapy. Physiological aspects.
106 kb
Revenko A.N.
The place of SCENAR-therapy as a technology in a modern medicine
93 kb
Vinnikov V.
Antidoting in bioenergotherapy. Putting a question.
19 kb
Cherchago A.
Localization of treatment zones with the usage of reflexodiagnostic complex RISTA-EPD for SCENAR-therapy of vegetative dysfunctions
SCENAR-therapy organization. Practical application of diagnostic computer complex RISTA-EPD.
A specific method of correction of structural organism constituent
Lyashedko P.
Bioregulated electrostimulation at treatment of complications on the part of gastrointestinal tract after severe combined damages
The experience of SCENAR-therapy application at epilepsy
Orlov I., Pospelov A.
SCENAR-therapy at viral hepatitis of children
Noskova L. Sosnovskih N.
Treatment of children with atopic dermatitis
Shabunina I.
Treatment of children with affection of nervous system and locomotor apparatus
Kossovskaya I., Ephimycheva V., Grusman N.
Devices Chakra-1 and SCENAR in ophthalmologic practice
Kachevanskaya I.
Application of device methods of treatment at eye pathology
Vyguzova E.
SCENAR-therapy. OLM and acupuncture in the hospital of neurosis.
Zaidiner B., Savina S.
About one approach to treatment of mastopathy
Yakovenko P.
SCENAR application in the team of masters of football and basketball
Devlikanov A., Anashkin V.
SCENAR-therapy in regional physiotherapy hospital
Gordeev A.
SCENAR-therapy of neurological disorders at backbone osteochondrosis with disk hernia on lumbar level
Trishina L.
The examples of osteochondrosis treatment
Zhuravlev V.
About effectiveness of homeopathy, reflexotherapy and new medical technology SCENAR-therapy at backbone osteochondrosis
Konstantinova L., Maurina S.
About therapy of osteoarthrosis with the help of SCENAR devices
Kulizhsky B., Moisik G.
Urgent SCENAR-therapy
Cheremukhina A.
Experience of a pediatrist
Borovikova G.
Two-year experience of SCENAR-theapist
Kudaeva L., Minenko I.
The results of SCEANR-therapy
Oleynik T.
SCENAR and healing blanket in sanatorium-preventorium
Kalipanova I.
Some cases from practice
Dmitrieva M.
Progress and failures of SCENAR-therapist, beginner
Subbotina G.
Combination of homeopathy and SCEANR-therapy
Dunaev V.
The experience of a combined application of SCENAR-therapy
Shamarakov P.
Creation of small asymmetry with the help of bee-stinging
Feigina I.
The experience of treatment hemophilia and logopedic pathology
Denisova T.
SCENAR - therapy of complicated forms of the diseases
Laubenstein A.
SCENAR-therapy of kidney hydronephrosis
Shutova T.
The case of treatment of chronic active HbsAg positive hepatitis
Subbotina G., Dmitrieva M.
Two cases from the practice


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