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STABILAN-3D The complex is designed for recording, time-tracking, qualitative evaluation, analyzing and simulating human locomotor structures in 3D space simultaneously with the position of center of gravity

SiloKoM-01 portable system for measuring force and moments was designed by the order of the Ministry of Sports, Tourism and Youth Policy of the Russian Federation. The system is intended for immediate control and gradual development and improvement of speed-and-force and force condition of top-level sportsmen based on measuring isometric force moments in ankle, knee and elbow joints. The system also enables evaluating electric activity of muscles using active electrodes.

Hardware and software system for analyzing and correcting powerlifting training techniques using biomechanical and electromyographic parameters. Hardware and software system is intended for recording and analyzing muscle electrical activity, dynamic and kinematic parameters of sportsman movements for training and perfection of bench pressing techniques.



Question: They say now that the effecting side of OLM - "mirror" - is the loose side where the cotton fabric slides along the film. But as far as I know, in the 90-ies they considered vice versa. The label indicating the top side, anyhow, was stuck on the mirror side. Did you change the technology? Or did you change your idea of which side is more effective? And how will you explain that there are some OLM healing blankets with the loose side on the top?
Answer: Indeed, the idea of which side is more effective has changed. The body shall be in contact with the loose side (which is not stuck together with the reflecting film). In that case, as practice shows the efficiency is better. The loose side can be easily felt by touch - it is softer and easily slides along the mirror side of the film (while the OLM is new).

Q: Upside-down OLM will certainly work (when their loose side is inside) but why do you make such products? If they are obviously defective, then why do you sell them?
A: RITM OKB ZAO doesnt produce upside-down OLMs for more than a year. Advice: all products (except for shoes and slippers) can be easily turned inside out or unfolded and applied to the body by the desired side.

Q: Ive got an OLM of 2001-2002. I considered the labeled side to be the inside, and the other side to be the effecting one. Is that right?
A: OLM blanket has many layers. Two outer layers are made of fabric. The inner shielding layer is stuck (to be more exact, welded) to one of the fabric layers and makes so called doubled layer, which is more thick and solid. The label (trade mark) shall be attached to the fabric of this doubled layer and the OLM shall be applied this (labeled) side up. In other words, OLM shall be applied to the patients body with its soft side that has no shielding film.

Q: As far as I understand, the film in the blanket shall be integral (unbroken). And in my OLM after using it for a while, 3 stripes diverged greatly. So, I patched the film. Has the OLM effect (strength of stimulation) on the body changed after it?
A: You did everything right.
The OLM effect (strength of stimulation) has not changed. The film in OLM is not continuous, it consists of overlapped longitudinal stripes. When used intensively (not individual but mass usage, for example, in medical centers) and particularly when frequently folded/unfolded, the film can get unstuck.

Q: Can I sleep wrapped in the OLM all night?
A: Well, we recommend to be exposed to OLM for not longer than 20-40 minutes. However it doesnt mean that long exposure and even sleeping in OLM are not possible. The bodys response is very much individual. Try, and watch the response. Listen to your sensations and be careful.

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